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800 sterling silver pendants and .01 carat yellow diamonds from James J. Box & Sons. An interesting fact is that the pendants that Tiffany bought then were not connected. At that time, Tiffany was engaged in the research of the perfect, reflecting, radiant diamonds with the aim of achieving the illusion of three-dimensionality. The metalwork of this series was influenced by the contemporary collection of pieces by Marcel Wandel. The collection was presented in the rooms dedicated to the collection of antiques, where Tiffany started his successful cooperation with the Julius Shulman collection. The idea of the pendants has been the link between the couples to whom they were given as presents. The first pendants were given to Tiffany’s father-in-law, Julius Shulman, as a gift on his 70th birthday. In the early s, Tiffany began to work on a new design which later became part of his .Tiffany diamond pendant series. He said: The most beautiful part of diamonds is that, unlike other stones, they can not grow in their perfection, as long as it is kept in good care and preserved. He also said: But, as time goes by, the brilliance of a diamond increases. He also said: Tiffany says: Diamonds often occur in nature, but very rarely can they be captured in their raw form. The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. Tiffany Diamond Pendants The .001 carats yellow diamond Tiffany ruby pendant. This Tiffany Ruby Diamond Pendant is part of the Diamond Rings Collection. It is part of the Tiffany and Co. collection. The Tiffany and Co. collection dates back to 1837. It is represented by several jewellery categories, such as diamond rings, and precious-metals pendants. The collection contains diamonds, silver, bronze, gold, and platinum. The jewelry collection is very extensive and is represented in different parts of the world. Tiffany said: They can also find out the true characteristics of a diamond from a crystal. Tiffany said: Diamonds are often considered the most valuable gem in the world. Tiffany said: Diamonds are composed of carbon. They can also measure the hardness of a stone. Tiffany Diamond Rings During the gold rush, diamonds were not worth much and that is why the diamond mines were poorly developed. Diamonds could be found in a number of different places, most of which were not developed at all. Tiffany said: Diamonds were not



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Navigon 7 Pna Win Ce 4.2 valonia
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